It Happens Only In Pakistan
We invite you to pick up a camera and record stories around the country that move you 

Stories of compassion, bravery and identity

Cases of prejudice, injustice and sacrifice

Celebrations in the form of new and ancient traditions

Profiles of young and old heroes

#ItHappensOnlyInPakistan contest will award
Rs1.5 million in prizes


Entries will be accepted from March 23 – May 7, 2018

Please read through the submission process and video production rules (below) carefully before applying. 

Choose whether you are participating in the video story contest or social media contest.

If you have any queries, reach out to us at and +92-331-2444651


After all submissions are received, our jury will evaluate entries and pick winners.

  • JamiFilmmaker and Director
  • Babar ShaikhProducer and Director
  • Jahanzaib HaqueEditor
  • Kishwar MustafaHead of Urdu Service 

Announcement of winners

Winners will be announced on the contest website and on’s platforms by end of May, 2018 .

Capture the unique canvas that forms


Video structure and duration

Every video must follow the structure outlined below in the same order:




The video content can be in English or Urdu.

English subtitles will be added to ALL videos at the bottom of the screen by the organisers .





All rights to the films made as part of the project will belong to the organisers of 'It Happens Only in Pakistan', and a disclaimer stating so will be added to all videos received for this contest by the organisers. The organisers will share worldwide rights to the finished videos. The videos will not be used for any commercial purposes.

Filmmakers will have complete rights to show and exhibit their videos.



Stills and images


Participants may use still photographs. If any photographs are sourced from a third party, the source should be clearly mentioned on the credit list.

Additional images, graphics or material used to enhance the film should be royalty free content. All creative commons material must be credited.



Special effects


Animation and special effects are allowed only if they have been created during the dates of the competition.



Audio and music


Participants must only use royalty free music /original background score for the film to avoid any copyright issues. 


The candidates can participate in the contest between March 23 and May 7, 2018 by following these steps:
  1. Upload final video file to Dropbox, WeTransfer or Google Drive folder.
  2. Share the link to download the video to – the email should also include names of all participants, and a line stating that “The film has been produced following the rules and guidelines provided on the contest website, and consent is given to the organisers for owning all rights to the film”.
  3. Wait for a confirmation email.
  4. If your video is shortlisted as a finalist, you will receive a second email at a later stage.
  5. If your video is not shortlisted, you will receive an email indicating so, after which you may publish the film on social media to compete in the #ItHappensOnlyInPakistan social media contest.

    IIf you have any queries, reach out to us at and +92-331-2444651

Take part in the


Social Media contest to compete for two prizes worth Rs50,000 each.

How to participate:
Step one:
Shoot a video or snap a photo that captures something unique to Pakistan
Step two:
Post the video/photo on your PERSONAL ACCOUNT on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #ItHappensOnlyInPakistan
Step three:
Make sure you set the video/photo to public and post between March 23 and May 7, 2018. 
Step four:
Encourage your family, friends and social network to like, heart, retweet, share and comment on your video/photo! Each heart, retweet, share and comment counts as 1 point: a minimum of 100 points are needed to be eligible for the prizes.
Step five:
Be patient! The jury will review eligible submissions from March 23 to 
May 7, 2018 and two winners will be announced in the end of May.

NOTE: By submitting a video/photo to the #ItHappensOnlyInPakistan Social Media Contest, you agree to giving the organisers all rights to the submission, including uploading the content to their websites/other platforms.

The content will not be used for commercial purposes. The participant will be given credit if their content is uploaded.

The jury from Dawn and DW will decide the winner for the social media contest and the final decision will be up to their discretion. The points calculated through likes/comments/retweets will only be used to shortlist the most popular entries across all mediums.

All entries should be original and the sole intellectual property of the participant(s). Any entry found otherwise will be automatically disqualified from the contest.


Deutsche Welle (DW) is Germany's international broadcaster. The flagship channel DW provides analysis and insights to viewers around the globe, reporting on important issues in English 24/7. DW is available online in 30 languages including Urdu. Visit DW at is the largest English news website in Pakistan. Being Pakistan’s oldest media group, the platform offers a rich, dynamic and diversified digital front to audiences all over the world.